Onero™ is an evidence-based exercise program designed to deal exclusively with patients with low bone density - either osteopenia or osteoporosis.
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Onero™ is designed specifically to prevent osteoporotic fracture by stimulating bone development and preventing falls in at-risk individuals. The evidence on which the Onero programme is based is derived from the findings of the LIFTMOR randomised controlled trial published in the JBMR.

The exercise protocol is targeted specifically to bone, being brief but high intensity.

The program is based on the findings of the LIFTMOR trial conducted at Griffith University, which has shown  high intensity resistance exercises and impact training improved muscle mass and bone density in both women and men.  The program has demonstrated impressive improvements in bone strength and functional outcomes for post menopausal women with low bone mass.

Like the LIFTMOR findings, ongoing data collection indicates that Onero™ increases bone mass, improves posture and decreases falls in at-risk patients. Results show that 86% of patients increased bone mass at the lumbar spine and 69% of patients increased bone mass at the hip.

The Onero program is the only supervised exercise program endorsed by Healthy Bones Australia

To get started, you will need to:

• Complete an initial assessment
• Complete training 1:1 training as needed
• Participate in group exercise sessions for 12 weeks, two sessions per week

Please consider having your General Practitioner or Endocrinologist enrol you for the STOP FRACTURE! research study.  You could receive a discount of $20 per group session for 6 months!


Please note: The face-to-face Onero program which we offer is the bone targeted program, whereas the online program is more for falls prevention and unlikely to grow much bone. Please discuss the difference in the two programs with us if you have any queries.




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Liz Kerr

Liz Kerr

Principal /Senior Physiotherapist

Liz’s main interest is in managing musculoskeletal injuries, as well as managing persistent pain states and both pain and physical activity education.

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Curtis Lee

Curtis Lee


Curtis is a highly qualified physiotherapist who graduated from La Trobe University. He uses a range of manual therapy techniques to address his clients’ specific needs. He also incorporates resistance training and exercise therapy to promote recovery.

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